Get qualified and audit your competencies regulary!

Get equipped with additional certified electrical expertise!

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  • We specialize in training and acquiring appropriate competences for providing electrical safety

    We work with experienced lecturers who share their expertise in practical workshops and prepare participants for knowledge tests.

  • We train on practical examples and conduct accredited knowledge tests

    Training and examinations are conducted through a theoretical and practical model with real-world measurements and error simulators.

  • We provide up-to-date literature

    The professional literature contains the most important findings of the extensive work in the rules, standards and regulations that are relevant to your professional work in ensuring electrical safety.

  • We provide all the answers to your questions

    A special part of the trainings are discussions aimed at solving problems and answering your questions.

  • Training can even be free for you

    Participants in our training get a special bonus for 15% of discount when purchasing test & measurement equipment and testers from our parters. This discount can be even more than the cost of individual training.


Electrical Safety and Quality

Highest level of knowledge for inspections in buildings with electrical energetic installations.

Used for first and periodic inspection according to different regulative for the most demanding electrical energetic installations, for grounding systems and lightning protection systems.


  • Electrical energetic inspectors
  • Consulting contractors
  • Construction, installation and maintain contractors

General level of knowledge for inspections in buildings with classic type of installations.

Used for first and periodic inspection according to low voltage directives and standardisation for the most electrical installations and lightning protection systems for living.


  • Electrical safety inspectors
  • Building facility maintanance contractors

Specific knowledge for competencies in buildings, working places, special installations and locations.

Used for competencies and qualifications on working places, job briefing and periodic auditing according to several regulations for risk management and employer – employee transfer of responsibilities.


  • Leading engineers and operators in energetic and power network installations
  • Supervisors, contractors, designers, maintainers in hi-risk assessment, special installations or locations

Please check the advisory table and your local regulation to assure safety in selected building accordingly.